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Couple weeks ago, Beyonce commented about Fendi handbags (and other general designer handbags around the same price) in a negative way. Well, the negative was based on the price, and while I agree with her original gripe, I am very disappointed that she seems to have forgotten all of these things when she started buying her Fendi 2 Jours and peekaboo. I mean, she didn’t say it that long ago, so there is no way she forgot that she had publicly slammed these designer bags. Well, apparently she had said something about not understanding why someone would spend so much on these bags. In any case, check her out above with her expensive Fendi peekaboo.



Usually I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, so perhaps Beyonce isn’t actually carrying a Fendi  peekaboo. Hear me out! Since Fendi  replica handbags are readily available to all, perhaps she decided to spend her money wisely by buying replica handbags. Sure, this is only speculation on my part, but I would like to think that there are frugal celebrities out there who buy replica in order to save money but keep up appearances.



In any case, A knockoff Fendi bag will only cost you a couple of hundred dollars rather than a few thousand. In my opinion, that is a great way to say money! Imitation Fendi handbags are created to be virtually identical to the real thing, so no one would even know the difference! Want to know where you can get one for yourself? Check out this link and pick up your very own replica Fendi peekaboo today!

Fendi Peekaboo Bag

If you’re looking for something that is the very definition of elegant, understated luxury, look no further than the Fendi Peekaboo Bag. Crafted with the kind of high-end materials and luxury detailing that you would expect from the house of Fendi, the Peekaboo is made from lush calfskin leather that with care, will age beautifully. The bag has some very quiet yet luxurious details; there is an understated rotating metal turn lock engraved with Fendi on both sides of the bag, a gorgeous microfiber lining and zipped inner pocket and plaque, and external straps on either side of the bag that can be opened or closed to reveal the interior of the bag.



The Fendi Peekaboo Bag price around$3,400,this collection has been well loved by so many celebrities since it was launched.If you can not afford the expensive price,perhaps you can try to get a replica Peekaboo bag at replica Fendi handbags online store.


You deserve to have one.

Fendi’s Peekaboo bag



Many designers are creating some of their most popular bag designs in several permutations; while there are still more austere, minimalistic leather versions of a bag, there are now also some highly-embellished, (often) limited-edition versions of the same bag that will play to a whole different market or perhaps to the same market on a different day.

One of the best examples of this is Fendi’s Peekaboo bag. The Peekaboo bag, part of the Spring 2015 collection, has been spotted on the arms of celebrities and laypeople alike since its inception. While it is the very definition of a sturdy, practical satchel, it has a playful side as well.


The Peekaboo bag also comes in a heavily-embellished beaded version, one with embroidered orchids, a jewel-encrusted version, and many, many more. Recently, Sex and the City actress Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted on her way to a semi-formal event with a jewel-encrusted version on her arm, and we have to say, we love the look.

Whether you’re not quite ready to give up on your love of clean minimalism or have been itching to try something that packs a bigger punch, Fendi has got you covered with the Peekaboo.

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Fendi 2jours tote bags


Tell me,if perfection doesn’t exist, then how did Fendi created the 2jours? My obsession has expanded in me loving every single inch of this bag. And they are not something we just carry, but the whole creation is an ‘art’. You better own one, because the popularity of this bag is flying sky high and sitting next to the famous brands like Celine, Prada and Givenchy.

It might look like that the Fendi 2jours is an overly simple bag, but you have to admire and worship their perfection in simplicity.

It’s a treat and we deserve it, pure elegance and pure luxury. Fendi has spend some good time thinking about its design, notice that Fendi did not exaggerate by printing their names all over the bag. No, that would be a big waste, but instead they created a nice metal bar on the top saying gently ‘Fendi’. I love that! But don’t only look at the design, open your eyes wide and go beyond that. Ask the question: ‘How about its functionality?’

Take the Fendi 2jours for a test-drive, how can you be disappointed when buying the best bag EVER. Pockets on the inside, zipper in the middle. More, the bag is perfectly organized and includes a strap with the right length so you can easily carry it by hand or hanging on your arms.

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Who carry the Fendi 2jours best?
  • Olivia Palermo
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Diane Kruger
  • Kesha


Fendi be baguette bags collection

Creativity does not always come from a blank paper, most artists take existing ideas and objects, put them together and there you go, a new invention. That’s also inspiration. Recently, Fendi released a newer version of the iconic Fendi Baguette bag. And to take away the confusion, they call it the Fendi Be Baguette bag.


No more miss nice girl, Fendi took out the cuteness of the baguette bag and the ultra thin girly strap. They have removed the long leather that was attached between the front flap and the logo closure. Instead, the new be baguette got an extra exterior slip pocket on the front, more space equals to more love. And the normal strap has been replaced with a ‘long’ interwoven chain strap mixed between leather and metal. It’s definitely more chic, but it has also a stronger appeal.
The Fendi be baguette bag comes in variation of skins and colors. They have blue, purple and orange available, but also in black croc skin and in fur. This bag is from the fall 2013 collection, will it become the next iconic? What do you think?



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Legend Fendi Baguette

The Italian brand,Fendi,was an leather and fur store that located in Rome.In was found by AdeleCasagrande in 1918.In 1920,Adele married with Edoardo and named the shop as ‘Fendi’.The couple Fendi have five daughters,Paula,Anna,Franca,Alda and Carla,all work for Fendi.Up to this day,the business of Fendi has entered the third generation.The children of five Fendi sisters all work for Fendi too.Fendi always can follow the fashion trend and produce the hot sale items,one of the famous product is Baguette handbag collection.

fendi  饿

In 1997, Silvia Venturini Fendi launched the Baguette handbags,it’s small ,long and narrow,the appearance looked like the French Baguette.It can be a handbag or you can remove the strap,then you get a delicate clutch.In nowadays,Baguette collection is still popular ,loved by most of celebrities and actresses.Silvia can not let go any detail during the production of Baguette,color,material,long or short,wide or narrow,all the main reason make Baguette collection become the forever classic.

The price of Fendi Baguette around 1000$-2000$,it’s not cheap ,right?But thanks to the development of replica market,you can shop the cheap high quality Fendi Baguette bags at replica Fendi outlet online store .

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Who carry the Fendi bag best?
  • Pixie lott
  • Annasophia Robb
  • XiMengYao(Chinese super model)